Mueller braces and supports

Knee pain often affects other areas of the body, like the hips and back. On the other hand, back issues and hip injuries can also impact the knees and ankles.

How Knee Braces and Supports Can Be Used for Treating Various Disorders

People who are dealing with bothersome knee pain and want to continue being active may become interested in Mueller braces and supports. They see professional athletes wearing knee supports and wonder whether this might be an option. It's common to see NBA players, for example, using braces and other types of knee supports. The devices improve joint stability and significantly reduce pain.

Osteoarthritis and Injury

Chronic knee pain and stiffness is a very common condition among adults, particularly as they reach middle age and the senior years. One of the most frequent causes is osteoarthritis because of general wear and tear to the joint over time. In other cases, an acute injury happens during activity and the person must use correct strategies to speed healing. In numerous instances, the individual's typical gait gradually causes problems.

Runner's Knee

Runner's knee is often diagnosed by physicians. Ligaments and tendons can become strained due to overuse or to weekend warrior syndrome. The best treatments tend to include icing and resting the knee, and using a compression knee brace during physical activity. The doctor or physical may allow the patient to continue running, but only when wearing one of the Mueller braces and supports available. The physical therapist or doctor will make the recommendation about the specific device to wear. Following these instructions is crucial for success, since each device is designed for specific purposes.

Relevant Research

Research indicates that the right knee braces and supports from a supplier such as Mueller Sports Medicine can be helpful for helping injuries heal and preventing worsening of an existing injury or condition. It is still unclear just how effective the equipment is for preventing injury, so consulting with an appropriate healthcare practitioner before buying a device is strongly advised. Again, making the right selection of equipment is essential.

Categories of Support Devices

Although a myriad of braces and supports are available, they are generally classified into four distinct categories. Support devices known as unloaders and offloaders are especially helpful for people who have knee arthritis. They benefit from reduced pain and inflammation because of this equipment. Rehabilitative braces limit the range of motion for the knee, which is important after a knee operation or an acute injury to the joint. Additional devices are available for people returning to their exercise routines while recovering from an injury, and for those who have already recovered and want to prevent the problem from happening again.